Curb-Side Drop-Off & Pick-Up for now...
We're Implementing Physical Distance
Personal Tables & Supplies for Activities, Snacks & Lunches
Smaller Groups

Our heart fills with gratitude when we see all of you who have donated and made it possible for us to implement all these changes. You're an answer to prayer! 🙏🏼 Gracias!

We still need your help until the physical distance is no longer needed. If you want to help but just don't know how much, it's all good! Any contribution will make a difference in the lives of our students.

A $30-$40 this and next month from all our friends will get us to our goal! So if you have been thinking about it, now is a perfect time. Your contribution to our Emergency Relief Fund will help us keep our students safe as they gradually ease back into their school environment.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Intensifying Cleaning & Disinfecting Efforts

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path."    ~ Psalm 119:105

Join us and make a difference today!

Physical distance is being observed indoors, but we play normal outdoors; as we maintain a healthy social and emotional connection and create a new normal. Morning circle time, Snack, Lunch, and nap maintain a min. of 4' distance indoors. They eat on individual tables, cleaned before and after they eat on it.

What about masks?

While we usually enjoy our family-style meals and conversation, we can't right now. So to implement physical distance, we have a picnic in the classroom and give our students their lunch and snack in their own tables. We have our conversations as usual. Teachers serve the kids so there is no sharing of serving utensils and tables are sanitized before and after they eat. We make the same familiar meals on-site as before. A sample menu can be found on our Register page. Children and staff wash hands before and after every meal. Siblings can sit together.

Serving beautiful Willow Glen since 2007

             ...while staying socially and emotionally connected.
A well-thought-out environment can be a great teacher and guide to our students. By providing them with plenty of good choices within the new guidelines they practice following directions and self-control. Students are used to sitting on their Stars at our school, they used to be about 2.5' apart and now they are about 4' apart, so they can learn to self manage. We gently remind them to take turns when they start getting too close to friends and want to change play areas. They have learned to give teacher their toys when they’re done so she can sanitize them before another friend has a turn with them.

COVID-19 Updates, Guidelines and Agreement to attend.

Our mission is to give our best to our students as best we can in every season. Let us show you how we can best serve you. Visitors can come following a health screening, must wear a mask.

Our Preschool is COVID-19 Ready

Summer Activities Moved Outdoors - New learning Areas.!
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