For a complete list of fees download our 2018-19 Handbook for Parents.
​​​​​​​​​3-6 Years Old and Toilet Trained

5 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $626
4 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $513
3 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $401
2 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $295

Financial Assistance
​​​​​​​​Under 3 Years Old or Toilet Training

5 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $676
4 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $557

3 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $437

2 Days - Spanish Immersion Program   $315

​​3-6 Years Old and Toilet Trained
5 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $879
4 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $719
3 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $560
2 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $427

Morning Program [9am to 1pm]  Extended Care from 7:30am & Breakfast at 8:30am optional.

Hours, Fees & Monthly Tuition Rates

2018 Summer Camps runs mid June to mid August. Enroll your little ones in our amazing weekly camps. They'll enjoy hands on activities, experiments, and discoveries! Gardening, farming, friendly bugs, water slide and kiddie pools, petting zoo, cooking and baking, sports and a bouncy house, creative art, new friendships and more! Healthy, yummy snacks and lunch are provided daily. Enroll at least a week in advance, so we can schedule the staff necessary to ensure a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the children. Cannot be cancelled, refunded or transferred to another week after May 1st

Summer Camps Registration Fees are Non-Refundable, $20 per week or $140 if you enroll in all 8 weeks. Monthly Tuition follows the table above.Weekly Tuition is $425 for full day (9-6) & $305 for half day (9-1); add $10/week if under 3 or Toilet Training. Extended Care is available upon request at the rates listed below.

Under 3 Years Old or Toilet Training

5 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $1311

4 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $1061

3 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $  809

2 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $  564

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As approved registered providers for The Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Santa Clara County we serve the community. Subsidized Child Care programs help families pay for child care costs at First Discoveries. Tuition not covered by 4Cs may be waived depending on circumstances. Family income must be within the qualifying income eligibility limits to qualify for all the subsidized child care programs. Families must be approved by 4C's before applying for registration with our school.

School Breaks & Vacations
​​​Transitional Kinder / Pre-Kinder   4yrs. old by Sept. 1st and graduating this year.

Serving beautiful Willow Glen since 2007

Monthly Tuition option for 2018-19
Annual tuition covers from the first to the last day of the program you choose (summer/school year) on our calendar, and is due upon enrollment. Please confirm total by email. Alternatively, you may set up a monthly payment plan through FACTS. Payment plans have 10 monthly payments scheduled on the 5th of the month, with the first payment as your deposit due at enrollment or in June if re-enrolling. Summer camps are added as needed. See our Handbook for Parents for school policies. Our program does not allow for make up days or discounts for absences.

You may choose the days that work best for your family, as long as there is space available. Our minimum is 2 non-consecutive days.

​​Child Care might be available during school breaks with a minimum of 5 children. Since scheduled school breaks have been already deducted from your tuition, we have created two simple choices for child care parents can sign up in advance. Half day for $61 (8am-1pm) and full day for $85 (8am-6pm). You can see all the days we offer Child Care on our Calendar. Cost is based on the program you enroll not on attendance, therefore we do not offer make up or switched days, but you can add days. There is no meal service during child care, at it covers one extra hour. More details on our Handbook for Parents.

Six months after enrollment, students may request
(with 2 weeks notice) one week Vacation Credit a year with 25% of the monthly tuition credited back. Resets on graduation day.

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path."    ~ Psalm 119:105

​​Registration Fees  are Non-Refundable and applicable only to the term you are enrolling in. They are the first step in securing a space at our school. Registration fee is $140.00 for Summer, $275.00 for Fall, and $375.00 if you enroll for both Summer and Fall at the same time, this is a yearly fee. Sibling discount does NOT apply. Priority Enrollment discounts and dates can be found on our Calendar.

Emergency Kit  is needed for each new student. $25 due at time of enrollment, this is a one time fee. Sibling discount does NOT apply.

Deposit  is Non-Refundable and due a month before your child starts if paying monthly.  It's only applicable to the last payment in the payment plan, as it is one month tuition.

Full Day Program [9am to 6pm]  Extended Care from 7:30am / Breakfast at 8:30am optional.

Meals  Lunch and snacks are included. Breakfast can be added for a monthly fee of $80 for 2 days; $100 for 3 days; $120 for 4 days and $140 for 5 days. Sibling discount does NOT apply. Our menu is set for all students, but reasonable accommodations may be made for dietary limitations or allergies after an Incidental Medical Services Evaluation. Our school is PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE. For safety, foods that cannot be cleared (label) as “peanut/tree nut free” are not allowed into our facility. Forms for requesting accommodations are on our Register page.

Extended Care  Between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm fees are $2.00 per minute up to $20/hour with advance notice or $30/hour without advance notice. School closes at 6:00 pm. Fees increase after closing to $3.50 per minute up to $100/hour. As before, for the safety of our students, Child Protective Services will be called after 6:30 pm if parents don’t contact us before then. Extended care starts automatically when a student is either dropped off early or picked up late. Late/early fees are authorized on our sign in/out kiosk.

Additional Days  Depending on the schedule you need, the cost is $115 for an Extended Full Day (7:30-6). $95 for a Full Day with Breakfast (8:30-6). $85 for a Full Day (9-6). $81 for an Extended Half Day (7:30-1). $71 for a Half Day with Breakfast (8:30-1). $61 for a Half Day (9-1). $40 for Spanish Immersion (3-6). $68 Extend a Half Day to a Full Day (9-1 & add 1-6). Parents that need to add a day to your child’s program, please email at least 24 hours in advance to confirm that we have space, as any spaces are assigned on a first come-first served basis.

3-6 Years Old and Toilet Trained

5 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $1256

4 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $1017

3 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $  778

2 Days - Full Day Discovery Program   $  545

​Your child can join our Exemplary PreKinder Program. They'll be prepared at the private school level, and receive a $1000 Scholarship to Valley Christian School as an Exemplary Preschool. Gently they will practice classroom skills and the next level of academics as the natural next step in our Pre-Kinder (aka TK) students. Children in our Pre-Kinder program also have the opportunity to join our optional Homework Program. The program is designed to provide a fun and engaging family time where parents and children can develop a successful routine. Details on the Handbook for Parents. 

A sweet graduation ceremony and reception completes their Preschool experience with a celebration at Bay Side Community Church where they receive their diploma and fellowship with friends and family.

Under 3 Years Old or Toilet Training
5 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $936
4 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $765
3 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $595
2 Days - Morning Discovery Program   $454

​Starting Fees & Other Requested Services
Afternoon Program [3pm to 6pm]  Open for up to 7 years old in Summer Camps.

Summer Camp & Additional Services