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Tuition is due at time of enrollment by cash or check in one annual payment. Alternatively, you may choose a monthly payment plan through an automatic scheduled payment on the 5th of the month from your checking or savingsaccount or credit card through:

FACTS Management Company

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​​​​1  Read the 2018-19 Handbook for Parents to ensure we are good fit for your family and understand our application better.

2  It is required to attend a Tour to complete enrollment.

3  If want to pay monthly, create a FACTS agreement & select your payment plan. FACTS customer number is also acceptable.

​​4  Click the Orange button if you only want to enroll in summer  only or Green button if you want to enroll in the school year or both school year and summer. Then Pay Registration Fees.

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Registration Fees & Deposit are Non-Refundable.

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6 Complete our Application and submit it to save your space.

7 Complete and bring in your Enrollment forms (below left)  to your appointment or complete them and upload them directly on to your application to confirm your space.

As much as we would love to accept everyone that applies...  Since applications can be submitted at the same time, a program with few spaces will could fill up, so if we notify you that a day you selected is full, we'll email you with options.

​If the days you want are full...​Spaces to attend now until June 18 are only assigned to families on our waiting list. You have 3 days to accept a space offered. Once we are full for next school year, you may add to the waiting list on the right. Many adjustments are done between now and August. Most students will be contacted to enroll.

God's timing is perfect and His love for you everlasting!

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Important Forms

To ensure little ones are comfortable in our routine, students starting between 2 yrs 1 month and 2 and a half yrs old, attend a Trial Day. Older students may also attend one when parents are concerned about readiness for preschool.​

Children under 2.5 yrs. old...

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path."    ~ Psalm 119:105

Children 2 to 7 can register at First Discoveries at any time, provided there is space in the program you want to enroll in. Our school enrolls for one school year at a time, spaces are assigned on a “first come - first served” basis year round, as long as we have spaces available.

All paperwork must be completed and turned in, and fees paid before your child's space can be confirmed. The annual tuition is due in full at time of enrollment. As an alternative, we use the FACTS Tuition Management Program (bottom right) for monthly payment plans.


New to school? We are here ready to support your little one.   Tips to Manage Separation Anxiety.


Payment Plans

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Registration & Enrollment Forms:


Please complete and return these forms to enroll new students.

Please complete & bring these forms to enroll returning students.

MEDICAL EXEMPTION - must be completed by physician for a child to attend when missing or catching up on Immunizations.

Medication while in school? State requirements guide the following categories of medication or medical services to be administered by the non-medical staff at our school.

CONSENT FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION -  Must accompany any medication type or sunscreen. Additionally to this consent form, Physician Medical Instructions is required.

OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS - Dosing instructions must be on original box label.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION - Child's name and Doctor's instructions must be on prescription label on the box/container.

INCIDENTAL MEDICAL SERVICES - Medication labeled "as needed" on the Consent form requires an Incidental Medical Services Evaluation appointment within a week of your application. Physician Medical Instructions & Incidental Medical Services Agreement are required at the meeting.

FOOD ALLERGIES/SENSITIVITIES - A medical reason is required to request Dietary Accommodations. Custom menus are not available. There are certain aspects of our meal program that cannot be changed, so to ensure a good fit and safe environment, before we consider Dietary Accommodations we must review your Safety Report & Acknowledgement FormEach food allergy noted on your application requires an Incidental Medical Services Plan for Food Allergies, and Physician Medical Instructions or Action Plan. Dietary Accommodations Request is required for the school to request changes to our menu or treat list (avoid or replace food item). Schedule an  Incidental Medical Services Evaluation meeting within a week of your application to hold your space.​​

Files to Review:

2018 HANDBOOK FOR PARENTS - Read before enrolling.
 - for Dietary accommodation see "Food Allergies" above.


​​CALENDAR FOR  2018  &  2018-19

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