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What do families say about us?

"Mommy, I like preschool" - my 3 year old son randomly told me as we were trying to get out the door this morning. This is really all I need to hear in confirming that we are at the right place for our family. Both of my boys have thoroughly enjoyed their experience at First Discoveries. As a parent, the most important factor for me in a preschool are the teachers. My kids LOVE their teachers and the teachers LOVE the kids.

As an educator, I appreciate the balanced approach in the structure/pedagogy of the school. For me, they offer the perfect balance of play-based learning with a lot of choice and time for the kids to develop social skills with their peers, some Montessori methods, bilingual exposure, bible story learning, with some academics through pre-K prep. Again, most importantly though, my kids are happy - they are learning and growing and making friends....and that is all I want as a positive start to their school experience!

Sandy Woosley

Kindergarten Teacher

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